Urdu Digest, is the leading monthly magazine of Pakistan and is pioneer in this field with a history of 52 years of publications.

Urdu Digest is a general interest magazine which offers a variety of reading. Its articles and stories cover a range of subjects including religion, politics, business, education, health, sports, humor, lifestyle, arts and literature.

A notable feature of the magazine is its distinctive focus on success stories from Pakistan. We have been bringing to light the achievements of our heroes form different fields ranging from education, science, arts to entrepreneurship. Our objective is to help our readers transform their thinking about themselves and their potential, enabling them to achieve greater success in life.

Our History

Dr. Aijaz Hasan Qureshi, Altaf Hasan Qureshi and Malik Zafar Ullah Khan are its pioneers. Renowned scholar Dr Aijaz, a PhD from Germany, had the vision and belief that he could start a digest to share latest developments in science, health, literature, so that people could transform themselves with the changing world.

Prominent journalists and writers have been associated with the Urdu Digest. Urdu Digest has a long history of playing an important role in the formulation of public opinion on national issues.

Today Urdu Digest has become Pakistan’s leading publication in Urdu language.

Our Strenghth

1. A well known name around the world.
2. High quality language.
3. Our articles and stories cover a range of subjects.
4. Readership: we enjoy substantial readership among decision makers, intelligentsia and political elite.

Future Plan

Our vision is to develop Urdu Digest website as largest Urdu language Portal. We’ll provide readers access to our archives.

Visitors will be able to read articles from 50+ years of  The Urdu Digest